5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

“Fifth Avenue” is synonymous with glamor, fashion, shopping and haute couture in New York. Who would have imagined that this name would also identify the most famous road in Playa del Carmen? The magic of this avenue lies in the variety of services offered, as well as the possibility of walking without worrying about vehicular traffic. Another interesting aspect of Fifth Avenue is that, besides being the heart of Playa del Carmen, it offers a suitable experience for each type of trip.


If you go with your family, start the day by going to the beach from any of the easily accessible accesses. Your little children will have fun castles with the fine white sand and playing with the soft waves. In this way, you will enjoy resting on a cot while sunbathing and delighting your palate with a refreshing drink.


At nightfall, you can walk along Fifth Avenue and let yourself be enveloped by the crafts, typical clothing and the exquisite atmosphere that is breathed in the place, fruit of the combination of Mayan, Mexican, Caribbean and international essence.


If you go with your partner, a day at the beach contemplating the beautiful turquoise sea will be a nice way to celebrate your love. Later on, you will find restaurants in Playa del Carmen, especially on Fifth Avenue, which, thanks to its pleasant lighting and the friendliness of the people of Playenses, will provide a romantic dinner to remember all life.


If you go with friends and your goal is to have fun as ever, Playa del Carmen is the ideal place. If you travel with limited resources, you will find cheap restaurants on Fifth Avenue, which will make your budget come to enjoy the most popular nightclubs and bars in Playa del Carmen.


The Fifth Avenue of Playa del Carmen is family friendly, romantic and fun. Come and visit with your family and friends, enjoy this paradise.

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