Bus from Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen


There are different ways to do it with prices accessible to all pockets, here we tell them

1.- Rent an Auto

If the plan is to walk knowing villages and visit several places (roadtrip) of the Riviera Maya passing through Playa del Carmen, it is ideal to rent a car when you arrive at the airport, it is very simple since on arrival you will find the stands of all rental agencies Of cars, it is not necessary to look for them because the agents will approach you. Prices vary depending on the type of car, season, agency and rental days, so we recommend you ask and compare prices at all.


2.- Taxi

For people who do not like to struggle and bring enough pesos to spend, the best option is to ask for a taxi, just like renting a car this will be very easy because the sales agents will pounce on you offering you the taxi service. Prices vary between $ 400- $ 600 pesos, depending on the agency and season and can fit for 4 people.


3.- Collective Taxi

If you travel in a ball with friends or in a group for a special event, you can rent a van-cab van which can accommodate between 10 and 11 people, these are rented by the same car and taxi agencies. The approximate cost is between $ 1,500 – $ 2,000 pesos, so it leaves as $ 150 – $ 200 per person (which is more or less the same as the ADO Bus) and you do not have to wait, these are just the rents to be dropped off at Playa Del Carmen, not for the whole day.



4.- Bus ADO

One of the most used ways to get to Playa del Carmen is by bus, the ADO depart from the Cancun airport every 30 minutes approx. The price is $ 150 pesos and in 45 minutes you are in the center of Playa del Carmen. If you buy your ticket online cheaper.


Buses leave Cancun Airport to Playa del Carmen at 12:00 am approx. So if you arrive at dawn and want to bus, you will have to go to the central of Cancun and from there take another bus to Playa del Carmen.


5.- Collective Combi

If the plan is to backpack and save or arrived at dawn (after 1:00 am) you have to take the ADO bus that leaves you at the central Cancun, this costs between $ 60- $ 70 pesos; Outside of the bus station of Cancun you have to take a collective bus that will leave you in Playa del Carmen, this costs you between $ 30 – $ 40 pesos.

It is said that you can also walk on the road and wait for the combi to pass.


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