Playa del Carmen Beach

Let us give you some tips about beaches in Playa del Carmen and nearby, we’ll tell you a little bit about each.

Playa del Secreto


Considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the world by various means, Playa Secreto is located in the Municipality of Solidaridad . White beaches with soft sand and a calm turquoise waves make this beach a paradise.

Direction: Technically you can walk up the beach from the center of Playa. It may take you about 30-40 minuets to get there. You will pass the point where Canibal Royal is and the boats are parked in the water.

How to get?: You can take a taxi. You can ask for the Paradisus Hotel entrance and then walk north on the road about 300 meters or ask for the public beach access just past the hotel. Taxis will usually not drive you down the road to the beach because it is a dead end and can get crowded with people trying to park and turn around.

Puerto Morelos


Puerto Morelos is a quiet and beautiful beach with growing tourist services. Although there are several hotels, the beaches remain spacious and well maintained. Along the wide, wide, white-sand beach you will find restaurants offering food on the beach and rent loungers for your comfort.

It is not a beach where the clubs predominate, it is a beach to be in the sand, in your towel, with your umbrella and your fridge.

Direction:  Is located north of the state, 33 km south of Cancun,

How to get?: Puerto Morelos has public transportation from Cancun, Playa del Carmen and the airport. The ADO bus terminal is located on federal road 307. From here you have 2 kilometers to the beach: there are taxi stands and local buses.

Playa Xcacel


It is a very quiet beach, spacious and with a privileged sea. The water is turquoise, generally calm and warm. Therefore, snorkeling is a very good option. This beach has the particularity of being “the chosen one” in all the coast for the nesting of the white and loggerhead turtles.

Direction: It is located from Playa del Carmen, 14 km before arriving in Tulum.

How to get? It is best to go by car or, failing that, taxi. But if there is no car, you can go by van from Playa del Carmen and notify the stop in Xcacel, then cross the road and walk a good stretch to the beach. Once on the beach, the physical effort is forgotten. It is important to be very cautious when crossing the road as there is no specific pedestrian crossing.

 Playa Akumal


Akumal which means in Mayan language “Turtle Land”. Is a site of charm and fascination for tourists from all over the world, is its spectacular bay of transparent waters and the fresh waters of its caves and underground rivers. Akumal is one of the quieter sites of the Mayan Riviera, a shallow and sheltered bay, with a quiet beach and a reef nearby.

Direction: In the heart of the Riviera Maya, just 37 km from Playa del Carmen, and only one hour south of Cancun.

How to get?: From Cancún Airport, turn right after exiting the Airport and follow Highway 308 to the South, this is a new four lane highway and it is 95 Kms to Akumal. Follow signs indicating the route to Tulum and Chetumal.



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