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Hello there, welcome to another episode of Playa del Carmen!

In this post we are going to talk about the Real Estate in Playa del Carmen, which has been growing and growing non-stop.

Playa del Carmen Real Estate for sale

This is a good thing when thinking of Real Estate investments and it’s one thing to know when willing to buy a property.

Playa del Carmen is supposed to be founded in 1902, this is a long time ago, but let’s fast forward a little bit in time until 1996, this year the population was of 10,000 inhabitants and in 2003 it already had 49,000.  In 2003 at least 7% of the population were foreigners.  According to the census of 2010 (already 6 years) the population of Playa del Carmen was of 159,310 inhabitants, reflecting a growth of 14,285 new residents per year or 39 per day, todays numbers must be higher than that.

Playa del Carmen was once known to be THE fastest growing city in the world per percentage of new residents.

To give you a first idea on why to Invest on Real Estate in Playa del Carmen, I’ll tell you, the first economic activity of the city is Tourism of course, and the second one is constructions, due to all the new developments in the area.

All of these are reasons to start investing now on buying condos in Playa del Carmen or new properties anywhere in the city.

Condo for sale on 5th Avenue Playa del Carmen

Of course if you had the chance to arrive to Playa del Carmen 10 years ago and be able to buy a property it would have been great, however we can still not travel back on time. But it is a very good time to buy properties in Playa del Carmen still… there are nice Luxury condos for sale down in the 5th Avenue of Playa del Carmen that I’m sure if you buy now you’ll get a good gain after a couple of years, if investing is your idea. Another good idea is to buy these kind of properties (like condos) to use them for Vacation Rentals, there plenty of websites like VRBO or Airbnb where you could put them and start selling with higher rents per day, per week or per month.

Any kind of investment in Real Estate in Playa del Carmen is a good idea, or anywhere for the case, Real Estates are a sure thing when investing, you know it won’t go anywhere, and in the worse case scenario you’ll sell at the same price you got it for and this case is really rare.

New Condos for sale in Playa del Carmen

We have had conversations with Susana Gaytan from Paraiso Riviera Maya Real Estate about the Playa del Carmen Real Estates and had some opinions about the situation:

  • Now is the best moment to invest in Real Estate. Now is a good time because there is a lot of offer and that makes the market stable and not so high.
  • Even if you think it’s not a good time, buying a property in Playa del Carmen will give you two things: Security for your future since you’ll have a property of your own and… incomes if you wish to rent this property as a vacation rental or a condo rental.
  • Your future. Thinking of your future is always an important thing. Imagen wher you would like to live in the future when you’ll retire, why not Playa del Carmen?
  • Always try to get someone who know about Real Estate in the area, like Susan Gaytan, a person like Susana will not only sell you any property, but will tell you what are the best options for you and for your ideas.
  • Visit Susana’s Real Estate website at: Paraiso Riviera Maya Real Estate or
  • You can se her profile here: Susana Gaytan.

Susana Gaytan Real Estate Agent Riviera MayaSusana is from Mexico and has been living in Playa Del Carmen for over 25 years. Her knowledge of Mexican laws and experience in the Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen Real Estate will be huge in helping you find your dream home. Contact us and we will work with you to find a place that meets all your needs in a great location for a price that fits your budget.



Playa del Carmen Real Estate.

You can also see on Wikipedia mor information about the city by going here:


There is this brand new development from Mayakoba, it’s a new residential area considered to be a new Luxury Real Estate private section in Playa del Carmen. They are making a lot of noise now (2016) and the development is going pretty fast, they built a great huge entrance and is beautiful, giving the impression of a really Luxury development.

Anyway, we’ll keep up improving this post with new information about the Real Estate situation in Playa del Carmen and we’ll also add some properties that we think could be a good Real Estate opportunity to acquire a property.

Have you bought a property in Playa del Carmen already? Tell us what you think!

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